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Main information about Imitrex

Imitrex reduces migraine attack and relieves headache regardless of the cause and severity of this pathological disorder. It contains an active ingredient Sumatriptan, the gold standard in the migraine treatment which is a pharmacological analogue of Tryptamine.

Tryptamine is alkaloid which performs important functions in the human body. It finds psychoactive ingredients and favors a production of serotonin. As Imitrex is a derived of tryptamine, it causes a stimulation of the specific serotonin receptors. Stimulating these receptors, Imitrex causes a constriction of the blood vessels in the carotid artery, so that its edema is reduced, and migraine symptoms pass.

One of the main causes of migraine is a dilation and edema of the blood vessels in the brain. Depending on how severe the edema is and what segments of the brain it influences on, migraines can be with or without aura.  Imitrex influences on the cause of the migraine and is able to reduce the migraine symptoms at any stage.

An advantage of Imitrex is a prevention of the severe headache, a reduction of nausea and an action for a long time. A drawback of Imitrex is an ineffective action during the prophylaxis of migraine. The use of the drug does not reduce the frequency of the attacks and is not able to cue of migraine.

Administration and dosage of Imitrex

When the first signs of migraine appear (aura, nausea, nervousness, pain in one part of the brain), it is necessary to take a pill of Imitrex 50 mg as soon as possible. The pill should be entirely used and taken with enough water.

The maximal therapeutic effect occurs during the peak of the attack. If you feel that migraine has its peak, and the pill does not work, do not take another dose. The pills of Imitrex should be used with the interval at least 6 hours. If the first symptoms of the second attack of migraine appeared in several hours, another dose of Imitrex 100 mg may be used.

The dose may be adjusted depending on the severity of the symptoms and an individual medical image. The maxima daily dose of Imitrex is 300 mg.

Recommendations for the use

  • If you have chronic pathologies of the cardiovascular system, it is necessary to have a medical examination in cardiologist before using Imitrex
  • Imitrex is not prescribed patients under 16 years old and over 65 years old because the action of the drug is unknown in these groups of the patients
  • The use of Imitrex is contraindicated during ischemic heart disease, recent myocardial infarction, stroke, and hypertension
  • Imitrex does not influence on the cerebral blood circulation, but patients with poor conductivity of the blood vessels, atherosclerosis, or analogical pathologies are not recommended to take Imitrex


Side effect

The increase of the blood pressure, tachycardia, lack of energy are the most common side effects which appear during the use of Imitrex.

Severer reactions appear seldom (discomfort in the stomach, skin rash, blush, brachycardia). In order to lower the degree of the side effect of Imitrex, it is enough to lower the one-time/daily dose.