Where to buy avodart online?


What is Avodart?

Avodart is an innovative medical product which has replaced finasteride. Avodart shows a stronger and more effective action in the treatment of the benign prostatic hyperplasia and helps to stop hair loss in men.

Unlike Finasteride Avodart inhibits 5-alpha-reductase type II and I.

The main factor of the development of the benign prostatic hyperplasia is the increase of androgen hormone – dihydrotestosterone. Hyperplasia of the adenoid tissue of prostate happens under the action of dihydrotestosterone.

As a result of hyperplasia of the adenoid tissue of prostate the man experiences poor urine outflow, a risk of the urine retention, painful sensations, and inflammatory reaction of the urinary tract.

Avodart inhibits 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into more active form dihydrotestosterone.

The reduction of dihydrotestosterone concentration under the action of Avodart causes the better functioning of the urinary tract and the decrease of the adenoid tissue inflammation.

The medical effect of Avodart is noticed in 2 weeks of the treatment. According to the medical studies of Avodart, the concentration of dihydrotestosterone is reduced by 85-90% within 2 weeks.

Alopecia is another disease of men which can be caused by the excessive amount of dihydrotestosterone which destroys hair follicles. Taking Avodart restores a normal function of the hair follicles, and hair becomes stronger, thicker, and is not lost.

Usage and dosage of Avodart

Avodart is prescribed as monotherapy to treat and prevent the development of the benign prostatic hyperplasia, and also androgenetic alopecia of men.

The Avodart capsules are taken once per day with a glass of water. The daily dose is one capsule which contains 500 mg of the active ingredient Dutasteride.

Avodart 500 mg is the optimal daily dose to inhibit the production of dihydrotestosterone and treat the symptoms of the benign prostatic hyperplasia. The use of higher doses of Avodart will not give a fast and intense result in the treatment.

The duration of Avodart 500 mg application is determined by a medical specialist depending on the body reaction to the treatment and the reduction of the adenoid tissue. The Avodart 500 mg capsules are taken till the complete disappearance of the symptoms of the benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Avodart 500 mg is taken to treat alopecia within 6 months.


Who is contraindicated to take Avodart?

Avodart is contraindicated women of the reproductive age and children under 18 years. Dutasteride can cause endocrine changes in children and women.

Men are not contraindicated to take Avodart because this product has a positive influence on the adult male body. But men with chronic hepatic failure should take Avodart with high cautions. The liver function must be controlled during the treatment.

Possible side effects of Avodart

Avodart seldom causes side effects. It is a safe product which is well tolerated.

In some cases, Avodart can bring skin rash, pain in the chest, or increase of the breast in men. In rare cases, the worsening of the erectile dysfunction is temporarily possible. To maintain the erectile function, PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra) can be used. After the end of the Avodart course, the sexual function is completely restored.