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Main information about Clomid

Clomid is a hormonal drug which regulates biological mechanisms in the female body and restores an ability to become pregnant. This medicine contains an ingredient Clomiphene.

Clomid has a unique mechanism of the action. It stimulates the production of hormones responsible for the onset of the ovulation. It happens by means of blocking estrogenic receptors in pituitary and ovaries. In case of the surplus of estrogens, they show a negative action to pituitary, so that a production of gonadotropic hormones is reduced. Clomidlowers the influence of estrogen on pituitary, so that the production of luteinized and follicule-stimulating hormones.

Clomid does not influence on the concentration of estrogens in the blood, and therefore it does not influence on the work of other organs in the female body. Clomid may be used not only for the recovery of ovulation and treatment of sterility but also for other hormonal disorders:

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Amenorrhea
  • galactorrhea
  • oligospermia
  • Androgen deficiency

The use of Clomid by men causes a reduction of the estrogen level and increase of the testosterone level. Due to this, a reproductive function is improved, gonadotropic hormones are quickly produced and a quality of the seminal fluid is increased.

Use and dose of Clomid

In order to restore ovulation, women are recommended to take a pill of Clomid 5 mg within 5 days. The pills are used on the 5th day of the menstrual cycle. If menstruation is absent, the treatment may be started in any day. In more than 60% of cases, ovulation occurs after the first cycle of the use of Clomid. If ovulation did not occur within a month after the end of taking Clomid, a medical course is repeated. The second therapy also lasts for 5 days, but the daily dose of Clomid is increased up to 150 mg.

It happens that the treatment has given a positive effect – ovulation has occurred, but pregnancy did not. Then the treatment with Clomid is continued according to the same scheme. Thetreatmentmayberepeatedwithin 6 months. If the required results were not achieved within this period, an additional examination is performed to find more effective method of the treatment.

For men, the scheme of the use of Clomid is different. In order to restore the level of testosterone and reproductive function, the pills of Clomid 50 mg are taken 1-2 times per day within 3-4 months.

Recommendations for the use

  • A physician should be regularly visited during the treatment to detect ovulation. A successful ovulation may be detected by means of the basal temperature and level of progesterone
  • Clomid is contraindicated duringthe appearance of new growths on the genitals, liver/renal insufficiency, and pregnancy.
  • To increase a therapeutic effect, Clomid may be used with gonadotropic hormones

Side effect

The use of Clomid may be accompanied by the side effects such as blush, dizziness, nausea, chest pain, headache, fatigue, hair loss, abdominal pain, and depression.

The side effects appear because of the changed level of the hormones and completely disappear after the use of the pills.