Where to buy crestor online?

What is Crestor?

Crestor is a medical product of the new generation which is used for the preventive measures of the cardiovascular diseases during hyperlipidemia.

The main active ingredient of this medication Rosuvastatin selectively blocks enzymes in liver which take part in the synthesis of cholesterol. As you know, cholesterol is one of the main lipids of the blood plasma which helps to digest fats coming with food.

Consuming food with high amount of fats, a lot of cholesterol including “harmful” one is produced and it may be accumulated on the walls of the blood vessels and cause diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Crestor not only reduces the production of cholesterol but also increases catabolism of lipoproteins of low density or so called “bad” cholesterol. Rosuvastatin improves the uptake of lipoproteins of low density from the liver and blocks their receptors.

Therapeutic effect of Crestor occurs within 1-2 weeks but patients need a longer treatment, at least 3-4 months, to achieve the optimal medical result.

At the end of taking Crestor patients have:

  • Improved blood circulation of the internals
  • Reduced risk of the cardiovascular diseases
  • Reduced cholesterol level in the blood
  • Increased level of lipoproteins of the high density (“good” cholesterol)
  • Better tolerance of the physical activity

Crestor helps patients with atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia to reduce a risk of development of myocardial infarction, stroke, thrombosis, ischemic heart disease, and heart failure.

Besides positive action to the cardiovascular system, Crestor relieves the liver work.

Usage and dosage of

Crestor is prescribed if the medical therapy did not lead to the reduction of the cholesterol level in the blood.

The dose of the medicine should be selected individually depending on the purposes of therapy and therapeutic reaction to the treatment and taking into account the current recommendations as to the target concentrations of lipids.

Choosing the initial dose, it is necessary to go by the individual concentration of cholesterol in the blood of the patient and take into account a possible risk of the cardiovascular complications.

  • The initial dose of Crestor is 5-10 mg per day
  • If the desired results of the treatment are not achiever in 4 weeks, the dose can be increased by 5-10 mg per day.
  • The maximal daily dose of Crestor 40 mg can be prescribed only patients with severe level of hypercholesterolemia and high risk of the cardiovascular complications.
  • The optimal dose for most patients with increased level of cholesterol in the blood is 20 mg of Crestor per day
  • The pills of Crestor are used once per day, at any time, regardless of the meals.

Recommendations for the use

The reduction of the cholesterol production in the liver as a result of Crestor needs a reduction of the consumed fatty meals. To achieve the best and faster result a diet with minimal consumption of the vegetable fats and complete elimination of animal fats should be followed during the treatment.

  • Patients over 65 are not recommended to take more than 10 mg of Crestor per day
  • In case of acute/chronic dysfunctions of liver or kidneys the daily dose of Crestor should be lowered
  • Crestor may be contraindicated in case of the intolerance of lactose.
  • Crestor is strictly contraindicated during pregnancy
  • An individual scheme of the treatment is required during the metabolism disorder or chronic diseases of endocrine system.

The appearance of headache, dizziness, digestion disorder, nausea, myalgia, or pain in chest does not require a medical intervention and termination of the treatment. The temporal side effects may appear within the entire course of the treatment but they do not affect the efficiency of therapy.