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What is Lamictal?

Lamictal is an anticonvulsant product used in monotherapy of epilepsy. It has an ingredient Lamotrigine. This ingredient removes a high tension in the neurons of the central nervous system without inhibiting their functions.

Due to the use of Lamictal, a release of the irritative aminoacids (mainly glutamate) is reduced, but not lower than a normal level. This way, it is possible to achieve more stable work in the central nervous system and reduce possible attacks.

Lamictal is quickly absorbed into the systemic blood flow after the oral use. The action of the drug begins in 2,5 hours after the use of the drug. But a stable therapeutic effect may be achieved only due to the long-term treatment. Therefore, a one-time use of the drug does not bring a required effects and is safe.

Who should take Lamictal?

Lamictal should be used by people with manifestations of partial and generalized seizures including tonicoclonic spasms. The drug perfectly works for adults and children under 12 years old. But Lamictal is used in lower doses in pediatrics.

Adults (over 16 years old) often use Lamictal to treat bipolar disorders and seizures of the unknown origin to maintain the functions of the central nervous system.

How to take Lamictal?

Lamictal is often used as a monotherapy of epilepsy but if the efficiency of the drug is not enough, the therapy may be increased by valporic acid or other anti-epileptic drugs that do not interact with Lamotrigine.

During the monotherapy with Lamictal, patients over 12 years old should take 25-50 mg once per day. If any therapeutic effect is absent within 2 weeks, the dose is gradually increased. The maximal daily dose of Lamictalis 400 mg. High doses may be divided into 2 times. This will help to reduce the load on the organs and distribute the action of the drug within a day.

In case of the combined therapy, a dose of Lamictal should be not more than 200 mg per day. The treatment is also started from the dose of 25 mg per day, and it is gradually increased by 25 mg per week.

Children at the age of 2 to 12 are prescribed the dose of Lamictal depending on the body weight of a patient: 5-15 mg per 1 kg of the body weight per day. Adailydoseisdividedinto 2 parts. This way, children have better tolerance.

What are side effects?

If you started taking Lamictal, be ready that a side effect may appear within the first two weeks. They may be light or moderate depending on the daily dose and a sensitivity of a patient to the active ingredients.

The side effects of Lamictal may be detected according to the following symptoms: skin rash, high fatigue, sleepiness, dizziness, weakness, blurred vision, nausea, and vomiting. If you started taking Lamictal and have an allergic reaction, consult a doctor. Continue the treatment until a doctor recommends to stop it.

Special recommendations

  • Be careful when you stop taking A sudden cessation may cause an acute state of epilepsy. Therefore, cancel it step by step by reducing the daily dose by 25 mg every week
  • Children are vulnerable to the development of the allergic reaction to Lamictal, and that is why take a due care during the use of the drug in pediatrics
  • Lamictal is not prescribed children under 2 years old