Where to buy proscar online?


Main information about Proscar

Proscar is a hormonal anti-tumor drug which reduces benign prostatic hyperplasia. This medicine contains an active ingredient Finasteride.

Proscar provides a positive improvement of metabolism in the tissues of the prostate gland by means of blocking enzyme of 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme turns testosterone into the active androgenic hormone dihydrotestosterone. As a result of the increase of dihydrotestosterone, pathological processes causing hyperplasia happen in the prostate gland.

The modern application of Proscar guarantees a fast improvement of the symptoms of the benign prostatic hyperplasia: urine outflow is improved, the frequency of urinary urgency, acute pain and itching are reduced, a risk of the complications caused by the increase of prostate gland is lowered.

A man will have a good urination within several weeks of taking Proscar even during severe development of the benign prostatic hyperplasia. This disease can be completely cured in several months (no residual effects which may be during the use of other drugs).

The efficiency of Proscar has 95%. It is possible because Finasteride neutralizes a cause of the benign prostatic hyperplasia, and does not reduce the external symptoms. Proscar is indicated for the use only during the benign prostatic hyperplasia in order to lower a risk of the acute urine retention. In case of the neglected treatment of the disease, an urgent need in a surgery appears to restore outflow of urine.

Use and dose of Proscar

Proscar is easy to use. This medicine is produced in tablets in the dose of 5 mg. The tablets are taken orally and with enough water. It is better to take the tablets of Proscar at the same time.

The daily dose of Proscar is 5 mg – one tablet. The tablets should be entirely swallowed; do not chew or break it, and do not dissolve it in the glass of water. A therapeutic effect is decreased if the tablet cover is broken.

To treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, Proscar 5 mg should be used for at least 6 months. A prior estimation of the treatment efficiency is possible in 3 months after the beginning of taking Proscar 5 mg.

Recommendations for the use 

  • If there is no intense medical effect within the first 3-4 months, it is necessary to have a medical examination again and eliminate infectious process in the prostate gland. To reduce the inflammation appeared as a result of the infection of the prostate tissues, an antibacterial therapy is prescribed in combination with Proscar
  • Proscar 5 mg is allowed only men because this drug will cause serious hormone disorder in women
  • Using Proscar 5 mg, a man may experience the improvement of hair quality, the reduction of hair loss, and new hair may grow on the areas of alopecia


Side effect

The side effect of Proscar may be related to the change of the level of the male sexual hormones. In case of the decreased level of dihydrotestosterone, a patient may experience an increase and itching of breast, low libido and erectile function, increase of HL and FSH hormones in the blood plasma, light sickliness, or headache.

All side effects pass after the end of the therapy with Proscar.