Generic Name: Naltrexone (nal TREX own)

Brand Names: Revia

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What is Revia ?

Revia is one of the most effective and the safest medicines for the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. Its active ingredient Naltrexone is an inhibitor of opioid receptors which play the main role in getting satisfaction from the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

The pharmacological action of Revia is based on the formation of the neutral reaction but not on negative reactions in return of the use of opiates and alcohol.

Revia leads to the insensibility of the receptors, which are responsible for euphoria received from alcohol and drugs, and some medical products. The satisfaction will be less with every next dose of alcohol or narcotic drugs, and so the feeling of the useless use of these products will happen.

In case of alcoholism, it binds to opioid receptors and blocks the effects of endorphins. The product lowers the consumption of alcohol and prevents the relapses within 6 months after 12-week-course of therapy.

The psychological and physical addiction from the prohibited ingredients and alcohol disappear, and negative sensations will appear during their use. The central nervous system will reject alcohol and drugs.

Revia is a medicine, whichis taken for both treatment of the drug and alcohol abuse, and during rehabilitation.

Some patient who do not take Revia on a regular basis may have a breakdown. It has been clinically proved that Revia significantly lowers the risk of the second appearance of narcomania and the further consumption of drugs and alcohol.

Unlike many analogical medicines, Revia does not cause such side effects as tremor, feeling of fever, and other symptoms of withdrawals. The patient will feel good without any unwanted reactions because of giving up opioid drugs.

How to take Revia? 

Revia makes the treatment of the drug abuse effective as well as mild and without unwanted reactions.

Despite high pharmacological safety of Revia, a self-treatment is not recommended. Seek a medical aid and get an individual scheme of the treatment and how to take tablets.

Before the treatment of the drug abuse, it is necessary to have detoxification. The consumption of drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited within 7 days before the beginning of Revia administration in order to clean the body from the harmful ingredients. The treatment can be started when opiates will not be detected in urine.

The first use of Revia should be under the supervision of a doctor in the medical conditions.

In order to prove sensitivity of the patient of Naltrexone, the minimal dose of 25 mg Revia (a half of the tablet) is used at first. A permanent control of the patient’s health should be within 2-3 hours, after the consumption of Revia 25 mg.