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Painful muscle spasms may appear unexpectedly. Nobodyisperfect. It is good when the muscle spasms appear in rare cases and do not bring a discomfort. But there are people who have high muscle tone, so that spasms may appear every day and cause many troubles. These people should take Soma.

Main information

Soma is a muscle relaxant of the central action. It relaxes the muscle tissue and reduces the frequency of the painful spasms by means of the action on the central nervous system. It contains an active ingredient Carisoprodol. This ingredient slows down spinal reflexes and a lability of synapse, so that the frequency of the electrical charge is reduced in neurons. In other words, Soma provides a sedative action on the nervous system, so that the nerve endings are not overstrained in the muscle tissues.

Soma not only relaxes the muscle tissue but also relieves the main symptoms accompanying the spasms. It provides a moderate pain-relieving effect and improves a motion activity of a human. If the muscle is not stretched during the muscle spasms, and loses its function, the use of Soma will regulate the work of the muscle tissue.

The use of Soma is useful during the muscle spasms of any origin: traumas, diseases of the central nervous system, neurological disorders, organic affections of the brain, excessive overstrain of the muscle tissue as a result of dewatering or excessive physical load, and others.

More About Dosage

In order to relax the muscle tissue and reduce pain, Soma should be used in the dose of 350 mg. The action of api lasts for 6 hours. After the end of the active action of Carisoprodol, the muscle tissue becomes in tome again.

The pills of Soma 350 mg may be used not more than 4 times per day. The maximal dose is 1400 mg. It is contraindicated to exceed this dose because it may cause side effects.

Aged patients do not reduce the dose, if they have a normal functioning of the kidneys and liver.

Recommendations for the useĀ 

  • If the symptoms of the gastric ulcer become acute during the use of the Soma pills, it is necessary to lower a daily dose and take the pills with big interval, or refuse from the use of this drug
  • The use of myorelaxants including Soma is contraindicated during pregnancy
  • Soma may be used at the same time with non-steroid anti-inflammatory products. But do not take Carisoprodol with other relaxants or stimulants of the central nervous system. An increased action on the nervous system may cause side effects
  • If a patient has chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, dysfunctions of kidneys, liver, or nervous system, consult a doctor before the treatment



Side effects

The use of Soma in high doses may cause a temporal loss of the motion activity. Due to the intensive relaxation of the muscle tissue, the muscles may lose elasticity. That is why, a physical activity should be decreased within the first 2-3 weeks of the treatment. Then, the symptoms will pass.

The use of Soma may be also accompanied by some reactions in the central nervous system: dizziness, nausea, fatigue, lack of energy, and low blood pressure. If these symptoms last for a long time, lower the daily dose.